Tupps Bar Tap Handle Unveiling

The tap handle has been created and it almost looks heroic next to its neighbors (who, of course, we admire).

We had a company forge our handle out of metal. The process started from our logo. It was then placed onto an antique spindle, which will “give a nod” to The Cotton Mill, every time someone orders a Tupps brew.

We are very fortunate to create such quality on historical grounds and think the new tap depicts that appreciation.

Reviving Scraps with Tupps Love


One of our missions is to reuse the old scrap wood around the brewery to shape the environment keeping in touch with the attached 104 year old Cotton Mill. Recently we built our office desks from 90+ year old scrap wood and couldn’t be happier with the results.

We’re thinking the beer garden (being created in early 2015) will need to have the same reuse in mind.