Over the past few years we’ve been cooking up a huge variety of different beer styles, it’s been an amazing learning process. After trials, successes, and tooling we have pulled together what will be our A-String lineup of brews to open with in early 2015.
So, without having ya’ll wait any further, we proudly present our offerings:

Northbound 75
Specialty Pale Ale
Not Recommended when Competing in the “Hotter then Hell” Fire roasted peppers and spices give this beer a rich smoky flavor with some rich background complexity that keeps you coming back for more.
ABV: 6%  |  IBU: 38.9  |  SRM: 6.6  |  OG: 14.0ºP

TUPPs Black Ale
To Be Consumed from Sun Up to Sun Up Dark in color but very light in body. Easy on the alcohol but heavy on the rich smooth milky flavor.
ABV: 5.6%  |  IBU: 36.2  |  SRM: 35.7  |  OG: 13.7ºP

Cotton mill gold
Golden Pale Ale
Best with Breakfast, Lunch and Diner Golden pale ale brewed with a wide variety of grains including rye and supplemented with wheat and oats. Infused with a mix of five different hops.
ABV: 6%  |  IBU: 38.9  |  SRM: 6.6  |  OG: 14.0ºP

Texas Centennial
Pale Ale
Brewed in Texas, for Texans A light copper pale ale brewed with 100% centennial hops with a Texas flair.
ABV: 6.2%  |  IBU: 59.1  |  SRM: 5.9  |  OG: 14.0ºP

Texas shade
Wheat: orange, cherry or raspberry
The Optimal Drought Killer Brewed to provide refuge from the Texas sun with a refreshingcool crisp kick of orange, cherry or raspberry.
ABV: 5.1%  |  IBU: 27.8  |  SRM: 5.2  |  OG: 13.5ºP

Photo: Chris Lewis, TUPPS Brewer


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