Team Tupps

KEITH - Founder, President

CHASE - VP Finance and Strategy

CHRIS - Head Brewer

KATIE - Marketing and Events, katie@tuppsbrewery.com

DAVE - Head of Brewery Operations

TAYLOR - Packaging

MATT - Sales Director, matt@tuppsbrewery.com

LEIGH - VP Sales , leigh@tuppsbrewery.com

JOSH - Sales Director, South Texas, josh@tuppsbrewery.com

Matt J. - Dallas Area Sales, mjohnston@tuppsbrewery.com

CHACE - Tarrant County Sales, crowe@tuppsbrewery.com

MATT - Taproom Bar Manager, mhickman@tuppsbrewery.com

NICOLE - Taproom Events, nicole@tuppsbrewery.com

WAYNE - Cellerman

SEAN - General Manager & Executive Chef