TUPPS People!
Back in January we talked about making some changes to our core lineup. Welp…the changes are upon us! We are excited to announce:
Texas Shade is transitioning to American Wheat
Cotton Mill Gold is transitioning to Citra Pale Ale
Lastly, and I know some people will be upset to hear, but we’ve completely rebuilt our IPA
First, a quick note on the Citra Pale Ale and the American Wheat. Texas Shade and Cotton Mill Gold are fantastic beers and are a big part of our identity, but as we grow and send beer to new parts of the state, our appeal needs to broaden. After a lot of feedback from the market and a lot of internal discussion (fights, brawls… name calling maybe?) we’ve decided the best move to make sure these two beers can grow is to reposition them. If you’re a fan of either, don’t worry the recipes haven’t changed. With that being said, Cotton Mill Gold has been slowly adjusted over the last few years, so if it has been a while since you’ve had it, I would invite you to try Citra Pale Ale. It’s a light, crisp pale ale brewed with all Citra hops giving it a refreshing citrusy finish.
Alright, the IPA. There is the sentiment with the IPA that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s our best-selling beer both in cans and on draft. I completely understand that philosophy BUT… I think that as times change and craft beer drinkers’ palates change, including ours, it’s appropriate to figure out where you stack up in the market and really try to understand what people want to drink. Our IPA was a classic West Coast style IPA brewed with 100% Centennial hops. It’s classic. Classic… for better or worse. It’s got a little bitterness to it. It’s what you expect from an IPA 10 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! That said, the direction that IPA drinkers are pushing beers today is to a more aromatic, fruit-forward hop profile, and very low bitterness. That’s the direction we’ve decided to take for our new IPA. We’ve used Mosaic, Citra, and Galaxy hops in this new aromatic and juicier IPA. Each of these hops put forward their own wonderful flavor and aroma. Collectively, you could describe them as peach, apricot, and other stone fruits as very tropical and fragrant. They are some of our favorite hops and some of the most sought after in the market. We’ve also redone the grain bill. We’ve lightened it up and added grains like wheat and oat to add a bit of soft body and a nice mouthfeel.
The artwork has been amped up as well. We’re sticking with our iconic black and while, but we’re adding a nice splash of color to each can. Take a look below! We’re really happy with how they turned out!

We’re super excited about the changes to our lineup as well as a bunch of others we’ll announce further down the road. Come grab a pint in the taproom or pick up a six pack at your favorite store and tell us what you think!
Also, have you tried our Double Dry Hopped IPA? If not, stop what you’re doing and run, don’t walk, to the brewery and grab a pint. It’s… as the kids say these days, on fleek.
Thanks for all your support! Cheers to you all!

Chase Lewis
Sales and Finance at TUPPS Brewery